How to make your long distance relationship work

F582DF78-89D0-43B1-A50A-B283C7C388C9.pngLong distance relationships. A sensitive term that is very close to my heart. I’ve been in one for the past three-and-a-half years (still going strong) and it has taught and brought me many things and experiences in my life. It has helped me grow as a person and it showed me how to maintain a good relationship.

Do they really work though? I believe they do, but good things never come easy. You have to be with the right person, learn to be patient and be willing to work extra hard on your relationship when you can’t be physically with each other.

I truly believe that every relationship that has to experience some sort of separation from their significant other, will only make them stronger. You have to work harder on a different level than during the time when your partner lives in the same town or household. You might have to deal with different timezones, a different kind of culture and the miles between the two of you. In this article I will share some personal tips and tricks about what worked in my relationship and what probably can help you out.


  • Communication. This is not just important in a long distance relationship but in a ‘ordinary’ relationship as well. Communication is key and try to find out what works the best for the both of you. Always be honest and talk about your feelings towards each other. Do you prefer calling on the phone every day for thirty minutes than texting all day? Discuss this and try to make a compromise. Don’t like something? Talk about it. It’s essential for a good and healthy relationship, in particular when you’re away.


  • Make an effort. After a couple of months you might notice that the ‘honeymoon phase’ of your relationship is over and that reality kicks in. You can’t always be with your partner when they need you or when you need them. Show your partner that you’re supporting them in their individual strengths and interests. Another way to show effort is by sending postcards, packages, a spontaneous phone call or a sweet text at the end of the day. This will for sure brighten up their day.


  • Hanging out together when you live far way. Long distance relationships will force you to do a lot of things independently. You can’t (in most cases) just take your car for a drive to go see them. Try to find things you both like though. Reading the same book, watching the same movie/tv show or listening to the same playlist are ways to feel more connected towards each other. It’s something else than just phone calls.


  • Create a long term plan to join your worlds together. Maybe the time when you live apart from each other is only a few months, but it can also be years. Try to make a long term plan no matter how long you’re separated. Be sure your plan considers the right next step, at the right time. This will help the both of you to stay motivated in keeping the relationship going strong. It can also help to remind your partner of this when they have a tough day.


I hope my advice helped you. If you want to share your long distance relationship experience with other readers, you can post a comment down below. I would love to read it.

Until next time and with love,


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