Travel to these countries in 2019

2B4E685E-3CEB-4AAD-A60C-78CACBE392F5Don’t we all want to travel and explore the world? At least I do and it’s crazy to think that in the world we live in today, almost everything is possible related to travel. Plane tickets are getting cheaper every day, travelers share tips and tricks with each other on the internet and it feels like the world is becoming smaller. We fly in eight hours to the other side of the world and are in a total different culture and meet people with a different view on life. All far away from the places we grew up.  In this article I will talk about fascinating countries that are worth a visit in 2019.



  • Portugal. A small but beautiful country located in the south of Europe. Portugal’s landscape is unique and the small streets in the towns have something very authentic. It’s the perfect holiday destination if you want to go to the beach and have a little breeze caused by the ocean every now and then. Besides the hot summer days with the stunning cliffs as your view in the south, Portugal knows some pretty cool hike pads as well. If you can and want to spend a little bit more money, Madeira is worth a visit. It’s an island of Portugal located in the Atlantic ocean. Perfect for travelers who like mountain biking and hiking but also luxury resorts and so much more.



  • Germany. Located next to The Netherlands and Poland, we find Germany. Known for their awesome beer festivals and cars, but also breath-taking landscapes and old castles. In Germany you can find it all. It’s a destination for basically every season of the year and you will be surprised by how much there is to explore. Ski trips, hiking trips, city trips, literally everything is possible. One of the pretty castles that you’ve probably already seen on the internet, is the famous castle Burg Eltz. Located in the south of the country and looking like it came straight from a fairytale.



  • Sri Lanka. In South-Asia we got Sri Lanka. The country is sort of being re-discovered by tourists and back on the radar. The small country had to deal with some wars/conflicts and nature disasters a few years ago, but the future looks bright. The landscape is unique and it knows a lot of national parks with animals like giraffes, elephants and plenty more. You can find old temples that are more than 2000 years old, hikes with specular views every minute and clear water beaches.



  • Argentina. A big country that covers a big part of South America with a Spanish twist. That sounds like Argentina. Most travelers know the city, Buenos Aires, but the country has much more to offer. It’s known by travelers for it’s wide-ranging activities and geographical diversity. The stunning mountains give you a Swiss feeling and the wine regions are worth a visit if you’re a wine lover. The Iguazu Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and Fitz Roy is one of the mountains you have to see before you leave.



  • Singapore. Located in South-Asia and been popular for tourists for quite some time now. The country has the perfect mix of a western and eastern culture combined. Singapore is known as a very clean, modern metropolis and women friendly country. Eating gum on the streets is not allowed and giant skyscrapers and buildings is what you will be surrounded by. But besides the economic center, the country also knows plenty of beautiful (and free) national parks and a walk across the Helix Bridge should be on your bucket list.



What are your travel plans in 2019? Let me know by telling me in the comments. Don’t wait and buy that plane ticket you were hesitating about!

With love,


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