These edit programs will help you grow your Pinterest page

52AC359C-A609-45C2-B890-70D0FDE6082F.pngPinterest has been around for about eight years now and I got to be honest with you guys, I didn’t get the hype at first. Everyone told me to get an account and I kept waiting/procrastinating with creating one. About a year ago, I think it was during the fall, I felt a little bored some day and decided to take a look at Pinterest again. It was awesome to see all the boards because it gave me inspiration about new recipes I wanted to try, fashion and some new hair looks. So why not create one myself and inspire other people? That’s exactly what I did and my account keeps growing each day. In this article I’ll share some of my favorite edit programs to get the most pins on your pictures.

Free edit programs that I love: 

Unsplash – It can be difficult to have access, time and money to take the right pictures for the right pins. Unsplash is a great alternative. The website gives you the permission to use good quality pictures from photographers all over the world who don’t necessary want any credit for it. I was pretty amazed the first time when I saw this website. Everything looks very professional, despite the fact that it’s a free service.

Over – I use this program on my phone and it actually was the first one that I used for my pins. The free version is a true blessing. One of the benefits why I like it so much, is because I can edit my pins anywhere and I don’t need a laptop. I can use my creativity in many ways. It gives you many options to create different kind of pictures or collages. Despite the fact that you would have to pay for more choices, you’re still able to save edits on the free version.

Adoble Photoshop Express: Editor – You’ve probably already heard about Photoshop before. The Editor version focuses a lot on making collages with your pictures, which is nice for the use of Pinterest. I mainly use it to edit my pictures, but I read that it’s perfect for making collages as well. Available for laptop and on phones.

VSCO Cam – Another great one for editing pictures. Most people use VSCO for Instagram but you could also use it for Pinterest. The editing capabilities are much better than the ‘standard’ ones on your phone or laptop. Different presets are available if you need some more inspiration. It’s worth to take a look at!

Canva – The free version is great when you’re starting with customizing your first own pins. Canva gives you ‘templates pins’ which makes it really easy for you to make everything look professional. All you would have to do is change the words or insert your own pictures. Also available in the app store.


And last but not least, take a look at my Pinterest page:

Do you know a better program that I didn’t mention in this article? Share it with me in the comment section.

With love,


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