Traveling to the United States soon? Don’t forget this

67FDF900-BA74-4CF1-B2A7-298EE76BF805.pngThe United States is one of my favorite countries in the world and since I go visit quite often, I thought it would be useful to share some tips with you.

  • Make sure you get an ESTA approval if you go to the United States for pleasure, short business trips or transit. This is probably the most important one of the whole list. I think they even deny boarding to the passengers who don’t have an ESTA approval. The registry is all online but I always take a copy with me on paper, just in case they ask for it. All citizens of the countries who are part of the Visa Waiver Program, can apply to get one. Don’t forget that you can only visit the country for less than 90 days.
  • Be at the airport on time. This actually counts for every time you travel somewhere. It works a little bit different when you go to the United States though. Security officers, at airports in Europe at least, ask you questions about what the purpose of your travel is and how long you’re staying in the United States. The lanes can get quite long sometimes though, so make sure you’re at least two hours before departure at the airport.
  • Get the right power plug. Unfortunately the whole world uses different wall outlets. You can get a plug for the US at the airport but it’s smarter to get one online. This will save you some time and money.
  • TSA lock. I honestly recommend this lock with any kind of international travel. The security officers have a universal key to open this lock and this way they don’t have to break into your suitcase when they see something suspicious and damage it.
  • Health/travel insurance. Accidents can happen anywhere at any time but the United States in particular has very high medical costs. It wouldn’t hurt to get a good travel insurance with extra options for medical care. Don’t forget to bring these papers while you’re traveling.
  • Flight delays. Are you flying out of Europe traveling to the United States and you suddenly see that your flight is delayed? If it isn’t due to weather or strikes, then don’t worry! You can get some money back if the flight is delayed by three or more hours. Did this happen to you and you just found out about this rule? Please contact the airline you experienced this with for more information.

I hope I helped you a little bit with these tips. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey!

With love,


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