Restaurants you have to visit when you’re on a budget in London


After my city trip to London with my mom in 2018, I could not stop talking about how much I love the city to all my friends and family. My boyfriend and I decided to do a little trip during our winterbreak to discover London a little bit more and maybe find some ‘hidden’ spots.

London is known as an expensive city but you can easily work your way around that. In this post I will share some of my favorite restaurants that are relatively cheap, but still delightful.

BY CHLOE (location Tower Bridge)

This is a very cosy vegan/vegetarian restaurant. The staff was super nice and the atmosphere was very relaxed. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, easy for every time of the day. My boyfriend and I decided to try the vegan Mac and cheese and the pesto meatball sandwich. Both very tasteful and delicious. Prices between £3 and £15.

Olivelli (location Waterloo)

Olivelli is an Italian restaurant located in multiple places in London. I went here in june of 2018 with my mom because we both wanted to stay close to our hotel and enjoy some Italian food at a nice but budget friendly restaurant. The menu gives you plenty of options. I decided to go for the lasagne and my mom the emiliana pizza. Both made with love and again, very tasteful. Prices between £5 and £18.

Spaghetti House (location near British Museum)

My boyfriend and I went to this restaurant on our first night in London. Both hungry after the flight and craving Italian food. We found this restaurant on TripAdvisor close to our hotel and decided to give it a try. We were welcomed very kindly by our waitress and she gave us some free snacks to eat while we looked at the menu. I decided to go for the pasta carbonara (highly recommend that!) and my boyfriend got the pesto chicken macaroni. Lots of creamy cheese and the amount was perfect. Prices between £6 and £16 per person.

Honest Burgers (location Oxford street)

This is the perfect restaurant for a quick dinner. It’s a little edgy with a classy side. The menu offers multiple burgers that I all wanted to try. I decided to get the classic burger and my boyfriend got a vegan one. The vegan burger is definitely one you should try, even when you’re not on a vegetarian/vegan diet.  Prices around £8-12.

Wahaca Mexican (location near Oxford street)

Wahaca Mexican is an interesting concept. The restaurant has multiple locations in London and has some good Mexican vibes. Once we made our order, we probably only waited for about five minutes to get our food. Very impressive! The menu offers Mexican street food with smaller or bigger amounts. I got some wraps and quesadillas and my boyfriend a burrito with some nachos. All very delicious. I wouldn’t recommend going to this location near Oxford Street during dinner hours though. My boyfriend and I waited for about 30 minutes to get a table… but definitely worth the wait.


I hope I gave you some inspiration of where to eat in London. There has to be plenty more that I haven’t been to yet. Can’t wait to go back again some day.


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